A Daddy-Daughter Date

Tonight Isla and I had our first ever Daddy-Daughter date. She was waiting for me when I came home from a lodge meeting.  She was so excited.  She ran upstairs to mommy who helped her put on her dress and her Tinkerbell wings. Then she came down the stairs with a huge smile on her face.  I stepped outside, picked a flower from Mimi’s garden, then knocked on the door.
My princess answered and was so surprised to see the flower. She took it, smelled it, then gave it to mommy to put in water.  Then she took my hand and together we started our date. It was perfect.

As we walked across the front yard to my car, she pressed the back of my hand to her cheek, giving it a hug, and said, “So, so happy”.

Instant tears.  I will never forget that moment. It was one of those forever moments. The kind that leave you breathless and melted on the inside.  The kind that happen and you would give anything, ANYTHING to just pause time and keep her and you and everything in the world exactly how it is, because exactly how it is is what made the moment perfect.

But I can’t stop it.  Time.  I can only hold on to memories with ferocity. I can only keep moving forward, and try to make the next moment perfect too.

We went to Goodberry’s for our date.  A Raleigh fixture and home of really god frozen custard.  The date was perfect. We ate, we talked, we played around the water fountain.  Then we went back home.  She burst through the door with tales, and I hope, a perfect little memory.

The evening made me, well, “so, so happy.”

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