Where We Are Now

After months and months of searching, we finally settled on a home on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! When we first decided to leave Utah, we softly decided that we wanted to live in New Bern, NC. It was the first capital of the North Carolina, is the birthplace of Pepsi, and it has such a quaint little downtown area (not to mention, it has a Target). We were determined to find the right place for us, and made the drive to look at homes on a weekly basis. However, after over 2 months of searching for a home there, the kids and I were exhausted, and it just didn’t feel like “home.” (Though, we did have a pretty good experience with Real Estate Management Inc. If you’re looking for a rental in the area, they make it very easy to view the homes, and they stay on top of the maintenance) So, we started branching out our search area, to places that we had never considered–to places that were on or by the water–and eventually we settled on a duplex 4 houses from the beach! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that we would live at the beach, but we do. While we make this house our home, I know that this likely a short season in our lives, and it is a special time that I want to treasure.

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